Cancer: What to Do When the Diagnosis Is Wrong

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death not only in the continental US but also worldwide. It has been defined as a lifestyle disease with the cause being associated with what people eat, drink, and their regularity of exercise.

As a result, being diagnosed with cancer can be a distraught scene. Knowing of the thousands who die of the disease on a yearly basis, you are bound to feel the emotional and financial strain. However, what if you were misdiagnosed? What if all these months or God-forbid years later, it was all a misdiagnosis? How do you move on from that?

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The reasons

If you have read up on cancer, you might know that it is one of the hardest diseases to spot and diagnose. Cancer has a trait of resembling other diseases and ailments in the body. In addition, some forms of cancer are very rare and as a result, a doctor/ physician can make a mistake when it comes to the diagnosis.

The first course of action

When you receive the news of a possible misdiagnosis, the first course of action should be to get a second opinion. There could be a myriad of reasons as to why you are in such a situation. Some of them have been highlighted below:

  • You could not be suffering from cancer in the first place
  • The particular doctor in question is not a specialist in that form of cancer
  • An overestimation of the spread of the disease

While a doctor might say you are ‘lucky’ due to the misdiagnosis, this is not the case. You have been through an ordeal for months that many cannot even begin to fathom.

The effects of cancer treatment

Cancer treatment has a lot of effects on the human body. It seeks to kill cancerous cells through the use of radiation or chemotherapy. Patients put their lives on the line in order to get cured of cancer. A misdiagnosis of any kind puts a patient at risk of getting a more serious ailment/ disease in the future.

Some of the effects of cancer treatment include hair loss, anemia, delirium, changes in nail and skin color, lymphedema, disruption in sexual function and fertility, sleep deprivation, and many more. And to add, most of these changes can be irreversible.

Your legal rights

What you have been through is a big deal and no one should convince you otherwise, especially your doctor. You have been gravely wronged and have suffered both emotionally and physically. This doesn’t apply only to you, but also to your family as well. Justice needs to be served. And it is within your rights to seek a medical malpractice claim.