Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration

Multiple Instagram accounts can be followed for inspiration. This inspiration could be in the form of establishing a business for a company. If someone is wishing to build their own business and wants to expand it there is no other way of doing this except for finding inspiration from accounts around them. Thus, below are some Instagram accounts that can be followed for inspiration.

Instagram growth-related accounts

Many accounts on social media are inspiring businesses to give their hundred percent, and many are advising them in taking the right steps to achieve more followers. Yet, many are wrongly advising and inspiring the businesses into buying fake followers or making use of inorganic methods to achieve the optimum traffic and engagement on Instagram. This advice and inspiration can lead to significant losses for many businesses. We hope you will find a good Instagram growth service, or you can check out some accounts below, which can be used to gain inspiration and advice.



They have around more than 10k followers and are currently based n San Diego, California. They not only inspire the companies t increase their following through boosting their following but also feature business owners who are good at building a business and have built successful businesses in the past, which would be extremely motivating for the businesses.

2. I-am-social-buddy

It is a growth service that has helped inspire many business owners, as well as built their business either through their motivational posts on Instagram or by providing Instagram growth services on Google, which allows the companies to gain their following. They currently have more than 40k followers and are wishing to inspire more businesses in the coming years, to improve their content, increase following through their growth services, as well as view their other advice on their Instagram accounts.

Instagram marketing related accounts

Another very important aspect of social media is building your marketing strategy. If the business is not aware of its target audience and does not know how to address them through social media, then this can destroy the Instagram business. So getting help from a reputable social media marketing agency. There are many marketing agencies or that help inspire individuals to establish their marketing strategies.

1. AdWeek

This is an SM marketing agency that inspires businesses into rethinking their marketing strategies, which may include building ad campaigns for companies so that their marketing improves specifically on Instagram

2. NoGood

It is another agency that helps in establishing a space for businesses to come and understand the faults within their marketing strategies. Their content inspires marketers and business owners as it’s visually appealing and coherent and focuses on teaching businesses about expert tools.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a marketing agency, which has a lot of followers on Instagram because it inspires young entrepreneurs into focusing and investing in marketing, and how essential marketing is for the growth of a business. They make use of CRM tools and automation to help businesses to achieve scalability.