Things to know on Port Everglades Parking?

Airlines are now being more frequently used than ever before. Air travel is indeed one of the most used forms of travel and has become extremely popular over the past few decades. This has happened because air travel is more convenient and far less expensive than other modes of transport if we consider the number of miles one can travel via air. Adding to this, there is no doubt that air travel has become more popular also due to the fact that it now comes with more and more services attached to it. For instance, there are a variety of different classes available to travel on. Other than this, the services provided inside the airplane are also numerous. As far as the external services are considered, services like airport parking are also offered at the airport. One must understand, however, that these services are usually not included in the travel package. Instead, they are charged separately. The range of prices, of course, vary according to the different services that are offered by the airline as well as the airport. For instance, parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport will cost less than the parking services offered at J.F Kennedy Airport.

Why Use Airport Parking?

Airport parking is essential for a number of different reasons. First of all, airport parking facilitates its users in terms of convenience as well as user-friendliness. Airport parking is a great additive feature that is available now at almost all airports in the world. It enables users to travel tension free in the sense that the users do not have to worry about their cars when they travel to different parts of the world. Airport parking is not only very secure and safe but also something that is extremely versatile in the sense that a variety of different options are available within the facility. An example of this is that airport parking comes with options like pre-booking designated parking spots that come with extra facilities like state of the art surveillance throughout the day with 24/7 monitoring security cameras and a team of dedicated individuals who provide security at all times. These facilities, however, come at a more significant cost as compared to the regular services. Hence, airport parking is even more critical in the sense that it provides better customer service and provides greater customer satisfaction so that more and more people use the parking facilities every time they choose to travel abroad.

Things to know on Port Everglades Parking

Port Everglades Parking is an excellent example of a modern seaport that is offering state of the art seaport parking facilities. Here are some essential points to note about the facilities being offered there.

Firstly, it is imperative to know that seaport parking is very similar to airport parking. Secondly, the seaport parking is more expensive compared to airport parking because the vehicles being parked at the seaport are usually more extensive and more luxurious. However, the exact rates may vary in accordance with the traveling distance between the parking lot and the seaport. Usually, these parking rates vary according to hourly as well as daily charges, just like the rates that are offered at the airport parking. For example, the standard charges start at $15 all the way up to $40 according to the size of the vehicle being parked. Interestingly, off-site parking facilities are also available on Port Everglades. This off-site parking is located in Fort Lauderdale, approximately 10 kilometers away from the Port Everglades Cruise Terminal. However, off-site parking is no valet parking. Instead it is self-service and therefore is comparatively cheaper. The parking rates for this start at around $7.99 and may range up to $20.00. Lastly, there are some port parking facilities also available that provide shuttle service as an additive. This feature is excellent, especially for people who do not want to travel on foot for a long time.