Are you looking for fast, cheap, and easy ways to grow weed? Growing weed at your home should not be as complicated as it sounds. Here is all you need to know about marijuana growing.

Where to grow

You can either grow weed indoor or outdoor, depending on your financial abilities. Indoor weed growing requires more investment than outdoor growing because you have to provide your plant with an enabling environment. The cheapest and easiest way is by using a grow tent. Grow tents costs less than $100. For indoor cannabis growing use a cannabis grow box.

Choosing your grow light

Light is a basic need for plants to grow. To increase your indoors plants’ growth rate, increase light duration and intensity. LED grow lights emitting UV and IR light are the best for indoor cannabis growing. HPS lamps are cheaper than LED lights, but they use more energy. If you’re planning to grow weed for long, LED lights are the best for you.

Growing medium

There are three mediums of growing weed: Coco Coir, soil, and hydroponics. Every medium has its pros and cons.

Soil – Weed grown in soil takes longer to mature, but the buds have a strong smell and taste.<

Coco Coir – These are broken coconut husks. The growth rate in this medium is faster than in soil. Coco is the best medium to start with since it has fewer pests and plant diseases.

Hydroponics – Setting up a hydroponic system takes more time and energy than preparing soil and coco for cannabis growing. Hydro grown cannabis plants mature faster. This medium gives you very potent buds. Autoflowering weed plants take three to five months to start producing buds in hydroponics.


Weed plant requires different nutrients at different stages. In the vegetative stage, weed requires nutrients that are rich in nitrogen. In the flowering stage, your weed plant needs more potassium and phosphorus.

Choosing the best cannabis seeds for you

Autoflowering strain seeds are the best if you want to start harvesting after three months. If you don’t have access to a live

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