Should You Grow Indoor or Outdoor Weed?

Growing weed at home is a rewarding hobby for marijuana fans. Weed legalization in all the 50 states of the US has surged the popularity of marijuana. Individuals dealing with hard to treat health conditions such as cancer are finding weed as their deliverer.

Despite the legalization of weed, the government has put strict control measures on who is legally allowed to supply. People who’re unable to access the legalized marijuana clinics are looking for ways to grow weed at their homes.

Weed growing is legal, but the law limits the number of cannabis plants one can grow in his or her homestead. In most states, to avoid brushing shoulders with the lawmakers and police, medical marijuana growers grow their plants in areas not accessible by the general public.

Indoors cannabis growing has been the most convenient way to grow weed at home due to the privacy it provides.

Indoors cannabis growing gives the farmer direct control of the plant. Apart from the fact that indoors cannabis growers get large and high-quality buds, just like other indoor plants, indoor weed growing brings nature to your home.

Many beginners find it tough to decide whether to grow weed outdoors or indoors. In this article, I will share with you all the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor Indica growing.


Indoor growing lets you control your plant’s growth. It is upon you to decide how much nutrients, water, and light your plant gets. You can fasten or reduce your plants’ growth rate. Outdoor cannabis growing refers to the growing of weed outside your house. The plant depends on nature to get CO2, water, nutrients, and light. In outdoor cannabis growing, you can’t control the amount of CO2, water, and light your plant gets. Your indoor plant will not be affected by the external climate. If you want to have direct control of your plants’ growth, indoor cannabis growing is the best for you.

Quality and quantity

By increasing the amount of light duration per day in indoor cannabis growing, you’ll be able to harvest more than once per annum. Indoors grown cannabis plants give you high-quality buds. Indoor grown Indica plants are less likely to be affected by pests and diseases.


The cost of production in indoor cannabis growing is higher than that of outdoor growing. Grow kits, hydroponics, LED lighting fixtures, and other equipment needed to provide your plant with an enabling environment are expensive.

Indoor cannabis growing comes with additional expenses, including power bills that will break your bank account. Despite the higher cost of production, indoor growing yields high-quality buds. If you’re looking for quality buds, indoor growing is the best for you.

Pest and diseases

Outdoor plants are at high risk of being affected by pests and diseases. Some pests are resistant to pesticides. Pests and diseases reduce the quality and quantity of buds. Indoor cannabis growing is the best option for growers who have minimal knowledge of ways of preventing and controlling pests and diseases.