How to Make Money on YouTube with a Small Channel

Many people start their YouTube career not thinking about the money side of things, but they might get encouraged by the success they achieve and the potential they see to make money on the platform. Many celebrities started their careers on YouTube since the platform allowed them to represent a large audience and be popular amongst people regarding their industry or a certain interest.

There are many ways to grow YouTube channel money-making capabilities, this article will list one of the best ways to earn money from the platform for a small channel and use the success of YouTube to maximize earnings from external sources and promote your business to the audience.

Sell your merch

If you have achieved a certain level of audience and have engaged numerous loyal subscribers, you can make use of your YouTube channel to promote the sales of your merchandise, such as shirts or general accessories that might be of interest to the people your content focuses on. Mentioning your merchandise in videos is an excellent way to generate awareness amongst your audience, greatly increasing your sales.

Super chats

If your content is focused more on communicating regularly with the audience and uploading live streams, then consider using the super chat functions to generate more income from your channel. This function is more effective if your audience communicates regularly with your videos, as they will be willing to pay to get their comments to be viewed more prominently on the channel since their messages will be highlighted at the top of the comments.

Associate your business

The platform is a very effective way of promoting your business activities and products or services your brand or business offers to the public. You can mention your activities in videos and leave links to your site in the description to boost your sales or increase awareness.

Influencer marketing

If you don’t have your own business, then consider working for brands that are related to your industry, by creating sponsored content promoting their activities or products and services on your channel to earn a fixed income that is agreed upon in advance by the brand. The income received will also be free from YouTube’s fee, making it a potentially lucrative source of income. This is one of the best ways of making money on the platform, which is used by small and large channels.

Ad revenue

YouTube also offers money-making possibilities through ads on your content. This is a vital source of income which is essential for the small channels. Look into YouTube terms and conditions to see if your channel is eligible to run ads and generate income through an AdSense account. The earnings are calculated by the number of views generated on your content as well as the number of hours the people watch your videos, so it is essential to make excellent content as per the requirements and demands of your audience.

The above-shared list is one of the best ways a small channel can make a reasonable income from YouTube and maximize its earning potential for the future.