How Does Social Media Affect Eating Habits?

Social media came into our lives a little more than a decade ago – and changed them in many ways. They’ve been called the cause of depression and blamed for society’s overemphasis on appearance. And now, thanks to a new scientific study, it’s been found that your Instagram feed affects your eating habits.

How does it work

The logic is simple: the more you look at so-called junk food and see your friends eating it to boost Instagram followers, the more you indulge yourself nutritionally and the more often you touch unhealthy food. This is because we subconsciously take into account how others eat when we make our own choices.

What to do about it

We advise you to mercilessly “block” those who often post fast food and other food antics and subscribe to influencers who lead healthy lifestyles and watch their diet. So now, let’s explain how food influencers and social media affect what we eat. It’s very simple. The more healthy foods in your feed, the more likely you are to eat broccoli and avocado rather than a burger at your next meal.

Form proper eating habits

At any age, you should be critical about the quality of the foods and beverages in your diet. Of course, there is a large number of healthy habits that will positively affect your digestion and health, but there are also negative effects from some eating habits that can have a cumulative effect and lead to disease later in life. One of the most important elements your body needs is protein. Eating protein-rich foods is the best way to prevent obesity and keep your bones and muscles strong. Protein is important for the body at a young age, but as the aging process begins, a lack of protein in the body can negatively impact your health. That is why it is necessary to include in your diet egg dishes, beef, poultry, and redfish. Such food is best eaten for breakfast – it will give you a burst of energy and strength.

Food habits that are harmful

Have you ever noticed how much water you drink per day? If that seems like a lot, I have to tell you something sad. On average, almost everyone doesn’t get enough clean water and, as a result, becomes dehydrated as an older person. Another bad eating habit is eating before going to bed. Burdening the stomach with food before bedtime is fraught with high blood sugar levels, signs of obesity, or even the disease of diabetes.

We’re used to eating fast food because it’s so much easier, but our bodies need complex fiber. Be sure to choose unprocessed, unground oatmeal and other porridge. Yes, you will spend more time cooking them, but your body will get much more benefits from such food. Fiber is also found in some berries and fruits, beans and chickpeas, and chia seeds.