Growing Marijuana Indoors or Outdoors: Choose As if You Were Making Wine

Growing Marijuana Indoors or Outdoors: Choose as if You Were Making Wine

Growing Marijuana is no child’s play. It is a complex task that needs rigorous attention to detail. However, with the legal noose around marijuana loosening around day by day, more and more people are growing. However, complaints of substandard products are rampant from such people. It is because they fail to factor in various aspects of monumental importance. One of the most important factors to consider here is the choice of growing indoors or outdoors. If you are venturing to build some Mary Jane for yourself, you have come to the perfect place. We will tell you everything you need to know about the choice of growing indoors or outdoors.

Choosing strains

It is essential for you to choose your strains wisely. Especially if you are growing outside or in a greenhouse, it is empirical for you to choose the strains carefully. By selecting the right strains, you can significantly improve the quality of your harvest. Apart from the choice of the nature of strains, it would help if you also considered the expected potency of the stains. Also, it would help if you found the time between harvesting and seeding.

Science is your best friend

It goes without saying that science can help you achieve quality levels previously unknown to you. As the title indicates, there are multiple similarities between the process of making wine and growing cannabis. Just like a seasoned connoisseur will attention to aspects like flavor and taste of the drink, you must also learn to differentiate between the flavors and tastes. For this, you need to learn about the science behind aspects like the nature of terpene concentrations. Also, it would help if you chose the place of growing carefully too. The choice of location where you are growing depends heavily upon the nature of the product you want.

Be creative in growing

It would help if you looked at growing like an art. Experiment with combining different methods of growing. This way, you might ruin one or two batches. But, when you hit the right spot, your yield may impress even the most professional cannabis smokers. Also, you can try different techniques. For example, you can use bulbs to provide artificial light. Also, you can build a small table-top size greenhouse to get sunlight that comes into your room. These are only a few examples. When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit. Go out fearlessly and try as many new methods as possible. It will be worth it in the end.

Final thoughts

The art of growing marijuana is similar to making wine in many ways. It would help if you had a creative mindset. Also, do consider that art and science make for a terrific combination. If you add a touch of science to your artistic ways of growing, you will surpass even your expectations. Also, do not be afraid to fail. If your first few batches do not go according to plan, know that it is natural. The more you fail, the more you can learn.