Best Soil for Growing Cannabis

Cannabis growing is picking in many states after the legalization of weed in the US. Cannabis fans are looking for ways to grow cannabis at home. Many factors determine the quality of the bud, but soil quality determines the taste and smell of the bud.

There are many soil brands in the market. Choosing the best soil that will give your buds a deep flavor is the hardest part for beginners. Good drainage, water retention, and texture are what you should look for when buying soil for growing cannabis indoors.

If you have been unable to choose the best soil for you, this article is here to help you. Here are the best indoor cannabis growing soil cannabis growers should consider when shopping for their indoor cannabis growing soil.

Coco coir

Coco coir or coconut fibers are from coconut husks used in products like mattresses, brushes, doormats, and floor mats. Coco has higher water retention than ground soil. Cannabis plants on coco are less likely to suffer from overwatering. Plants on coco have a higher growth rate than those in the ground soil.


Vermiculite is known for its superb water retention capability. They are the end product of hydrothermal alteration or weathering of phlogopite and biotite. Despite having low aeration compared to perlite, vermiculite is the best soil for water-loving plants. To increase aeration and drainage, you can add perlite to vermiculite.


Perlite is volcanic glass with high water retention. It is the best solution to soil mix that does not have a good water retention capability. It is as light as popcorns and has good drainage. Perlite prevents your plant from burning when excessive nutrients are used. Perlite promotes soil nutrients leaching.

Worm castings

Adding worm castings in the soil adds natural nutrients that break down slowly with time. Worm casting improves the soil’s drainage, moisture, and texture. A Cannabis plant love worm castings, the high nutritional value of worm casting results to high-quality buds.

Ocean forest soil mix

Ocean forest soil mix contains all the nutrients cannabis plants love. It is a mixer of worm casting, crab meal, fish meal, and bat guano. Young cannabis is negatively affected by this soil due to its high nutritional value. It is common to see signs of nutrient burn in seedlings. Adding perlite will help prevent nutrient burn. Ocean forest soil mix does not require you to add organic fertilizers during the flowering stage.

Living soil (Kind “Super” soil)

Super soil is a natural soil added with organic nutritional sources that release slowly. It delivers nutrients to the roots of your cannabis plant. A cannabis plant grown in super soil has a high growth rate and gives you large and high-quality buds.

Thick and heavy soil that has high water retention and low water drainage have less aeration. Cannabis plants grown in such soil have a slow growth rate. Soil with visible wood chips does not deliver enough nutrients to the roots of your cannabis plant. For better results, buy a grow kit with any of the above soil.